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Friday, 6 April 2012

Earth Wonders ~ Photo Challenge | BOKEH

welcome back to a new photo challenge and Happy Easter weekend :)

this week's theme is: BOKEH, and you're ALL invited.
forgive me but I haven't been able to comment your lovely entries. thank you! they fill my heart with joy.
stay tuned to my Facebook page, were I'll feature my Favorite photos from last hop.

how it works? it's easy.
1) simply post your photo on your blog or flickr stream. or anywhere you share your images.
2) don't forget to backlink in your post, to let others know what you're joining.
3) then hop over here and share your name, email and permalink to the post.
4) take notice that our next theme is: MOVEMENT.

if it's your first time, check out the details and themes (there is also a button if you wish to use one) HERE.


Lily said...

Happy Easter days Ana!

JOY @ said...

I had to do some research to find the meaning of BOKEH. I think I got it? EnJOY learning all the time. Thanks for the challenge.